A Christmas to Remember

A sunny afternoon, perfect Christmas Eve in the South. We found Danny at his campsite tidying up, arranging the decorations adorning his sleeping quarters. "Close your eyes and hold out your arms." He played along patiently until a warm cuddly puppy was laid in his arms. Then he opened his eyes and began to dance and laugh and cry with joy. His joy was contagious. He told us that he had spent the morning searching for a stray dog to adopt because he had been so lonely since his dogs/best friends had been stolen. He said he was sitting outside, praying and telling God that if he could have anything he wanted for Christmas it would be a puppy. Just as we drove up. Erin and Buffy, visitors from Mobile and me and a 10 week old part lab puppy with all the necessary supplies. Danny named her Eve, Christmas Eve. We stayed to share a Taco Bell lunch, Eve already perfecting her "grab and run" technique.
On Christmas night, Buffy and I returned to deliver Christmas dinner. Hannah and Tyler joined us with Eve's sister Dixie. Buffy brought books from Erin and spoke for all of us when she said this was the most incredible Christmas she had ever celebrated. God blessed us everyone.

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Bednar Clan on a Mission

Bednar Clan on a Mission
the Bednar family of Cleburne, Texas spent the day volunteering at the clinic. Amy took over nursing duties and lab draws, former Navy medic Dave helped with vitals and intake and the rest of the clan worked in the food bank and pharmacy.


The Pool of Siloam Medical Ministry and Free Clinic is a non-profit faith-based organization created to share the Love of Jesus through ministry to the medically underserved. We believe that by building Christ-centered relationships built on mutual trust and respect and by providing our patients with tools of education, screening, medication assistance, medical supplies, equipment, counseling and accessible excellent health and dental care, we can empower them to take better care of themselves. Our services include free adult medical care, women's health clinic, mental health counseling and lab testing. Through our diabetic program, we provide routine diabetic eye exams and limb and wound evaluation. Our Breathe Free Program provides pulmonary function screening, medications, nebulizers, oxygen, CPAP and BiPAP equipment where indicated for cardiopulmonary patients. In partnership with other ministries at the New Room, we are able to provide meals, food and clothing. On Tuesday and Thursday evenings, we join our friends from Hope for the Homeless to make rounds on the streets and in encampments to provide care and first aid.

With the exception of an Executive Director / Clinician, an Administrative Director and a counselor funded by the Methodist District, we are staffed by volunteers who provide hundreds of hours of service. We are housed by rental agreement in the New Room, an outreach mission center of Grace Community, a United Methodist congregation. We are funded by grants, gifts and in-kind donations. Your support makes it possible for us to continue to provide services for our patients.

Living by the Clock

to live each day without regret
to move to the tick of a finite clock
to live each day as if it were the last
before you stand before your God

to imagine that the person you love
might be gone tomorrow
that the moment for reconciliation
may be lost

that the friend not met
might have been your soul-mate
that the child left behind
might never be found

that the word not spoken
might have been someone’s salvation
that the life not saved
might have saved the world

that the wound not dressed
might fester and kill
that the path not taken
might have led to home

that the call not answered
might have been the voice of God
to live each day
as if it was your last

to celebrate each Sabbath in rest
like your life depended on it